Complete Lab Systems offers an extensive selection of chemistry open channel reagents, immunoassay diagnostic reagents, calibrators, and controls, all designed to be compatible with the majority of automated chemistry analyzers. These high-quality products come in user-friendly formats, ensuring ease of use in laboratory settings.

Our comprehensive range of diagnostic reagents and controls covers routine chemistry and open channel applications, granting you the freedom to choose from various formats and methods that suit your specific needs. Additionally, we offer flexible pack sizes and a wide range of analyzer applications, along with dedicated reagent packs designed specifically for different chemistry analyzers available in the market.

The product line includes test kits tailored for diagnosing cardiovascular disease, liver disease, cancer markers, renal disease, diabetes/stroke, inflammation, anemia, expanded lipid panel and assessment, as well as serum proteins.

These versatile reagents are compatible with most chemistry analyzers, including those from renowned brands like Beckman, Roche, Alfa Wasserman, Abbott, and Siemens, ensuring seamless integration into your laboratory’s existing workflow.

Open Channel Chemistry Reagents

Diazyme® Open Channel Reagents

Open Channel Chemistry Reagents

KAMIYA K-ASSAY® Open Channel Reagents

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